Important News Update

It is with great sadness that we have to tell you that Terry died of Leukaemia on February 9th 2013.

Sadly therefore – there will be no more of his courses running.

His legacy to children with speech and language problems lives on in the form of the fantastic range of fun and accessible speech and language games he designed with his daughter Rosie.

These can all be downloaded or purchased by post from Rosie, and are all detailed on her website at Thank you

Speech and Language Therapy

Terry Gilligan

Helping children to communicate effectively is a vitally important task facing all childcare workers.

Speech and Language Therapists have traditionally worked with individuals or small groups of children assessing and advising on their communication problems. They assist children not only with the clarity of their speech but also with the ability to express their thoughts and follow verbal instructions.

Unfortunately the number of children who have regular access to Speech and Language Therapy is relatively small compared to the number who have problems. Many schools and nurseries could obtain considerable benefit for a much wider group of children in their care by accessing appropriate training for their staff.

With this aim in mind Terry Gilligan has developed a range of lectures and workshops suitable for all teaching and support staff working with Pre-School and Primary School children. All of Terry's courses have a heavy practical emphasis, with numerous suggestions for classroom activities that will help the children to improve their communication skills.

A range of assessment and therapy materials will be available at every course priced at just £1, £2 and £4 each.

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